Best For repairing crack & holes in rigid plastic items. Useful for patch work on plastic barrel, HDPE pipe, two wheelers plastic part, plastic chair, tea-poy, stool, cooler plastic body etc.

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Available Sizes

  • 75 mm X 150 mm X 3 mm
  • 75 mm X 75 mm X 3 mm
  • 38 mm X 38 mm X 3 mm

How To Use

  • Scratch the surface by 50 no. emery cloth paper.
  • Burn the candle.
  • Heat the Protector Patch.
  • Press the heated Patch on affected area by cloth immediately.
  • Again heat the patch for best result.
  • Protector Patch after repairing.


  • Use proper hand gloves while applying.
  • Do not touch hot or melted Protector Patch to any body parts.
  • Do not heat more than 1100C
  • Apply instantly, slight delay in joining both the surfaces can cause failure in bond.
  • Use Protector Patch in dry place.
  • Do not allow children to apply Protector Patch.

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