Best for repairing, joining, crack filling & encapsulation of flexible plastic items. USeful for drip tube repairing, tarpaulin paper repair, crack filling on flexible hose pipe, two wheelers plastic part repairing.

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Available Sizes

  • 25 g, 50 g, 100 g

How To Use

  • Burn the candle
  • Heat the spatula
  • Take Protector on a steel spatula
  • Allow Protector to turn into semi liquid form
  • Apply immediately
  • Repaired pipe


  • Do not use on thin plastic paper bellow 500 micron.
  • Apply directly by spatula.
  • Use proper hand gloves while applying.
  • Do not touch hot or melted Protector to any body parts.
  • Do not heat more than 1000C.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Slight delay in joining both the surfaces can cause failure in bond.

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