Dear Friends,
We introduce ourself as a school of pipes & plastics joining, sealing & repairing.
We are in this field since last three decades. We have given speciality & super speciality products for joining, sealing & repairing various types of pipes & plastics. Our relentless research has awarded us with six patent and almost thirty brands in this field. We have developed some unique products for repairing various types of pipes & plastics which saves enormous time, money and energy of the end user.
Some of our well known brands are JAIKISAN, EaZeeWELD, LEAKGUARD, PIPEGUARD, PIPEMATE & PROTECTOR. Today we are happy to have wide range of products ranging from solvent welding compound (Solvent Cement), Adhesives, Sealants & Speciality Self Adhesive Tapes. We are catering to almost each and every types of industries. Our major focus area is agricultural maintenance, industrial maintenance & household maintenance.
Last but not the least we can say that ours is not business house it is a research institute which works for benefit of society. Our each and every product carries a value for money philosophy with it and we strive very hard for serving this nation & society
You Inspire Me
Vilas Jain
New Era Group