Best for welding rigid plastic items. Best for repairing almost all types of plastic items like water tank, barrel & can, bucket, racks & tray, HDPE pipes, crates & domestic home appliances.

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Useful For -

  • Water Tank
  • Spray Pump
  • Plastic Barrel
  • Crates

Available Sizes

  • Packet : 5 mm X 12" X 12 Stick, 5 mm X 12" X 4 Stick, 5 mm X 6" X 4 Stick

How To Use

  • Clean & clear the dirt, dust & oil from the plastic surface to be repaired.
  • Roughen the surface by 50 no. emery cloth paper.
  • Heat the spatula on Spirit lamp.
  • Melt the PLASTIK MET Stick by hot spatula & apply on the broken area.
  • For best result melt the PLASTIK MET completely on the surface to be repaired.


  • Do not touch the melted glue immediately.
  • Do not touch hot spatula while applying.
  • Use spatula & apply PLASTIK MET in dry place.
  • Do not allow children to apply PLASTIK MET.

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